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Griffon Athletics Marshall Academy feels that interscholastic athletics is an important part of our educational program. Many benefits and life-long values may be gained from participation in a sound athletic program. This participation is a privilege granted to the young men and women of our school district. Every athlete, through their public participation, is an ambassador of our school and community. The athlete's conduct reflects directly upon their parents, their school and their community. Therefore, it is our desire that our athletes make a favorable impression when representing our school.

Due to the above-mentioned statements, the athlete must be expected to adhere to a very high level of personal conduct.

Marshall Academy offers to its students inter-scholastic competition in the following sports:


                    Girls Volleyball         
          Cross Country
          Co-Ed Soccer


Girls Basketball
 Boys Basketball
​ Cheerleading


Girls Soccer (dependent on fielding a team)
Track and Field
Boys Baseball
Girls Softball