Join Our Team!

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek

"Marshall Academy is a great place to work.  The small staff works closely together and we support each other. Being small also means we can individualize for student needs.  You get to know students from year to year and build strong relationships.  As a professional you are trusted to make decisions in the best interest of students, and you are given autonomy within your classroom and curriculum.  I've worked at Marshall Academy for more than a decade.  I couldn't imagine a better place to teach. " - Leslie Katz, Academic Advisor/HS English Teacher

"It has been a pleasure working on the Marshall Academy Staff since 2016. I have had the opportunity to grow in my roles from starting as a 5th/6th grade teacher to now being a secondary resource teacher. The support, family feel and opportunities for growth has made MA my forever home." - Molly Swank, HS Resource Teacher

"I have treasured working at Marshall Academy, mainly in the transportation department, for nearly 7 years. I've had the pleasure of greeting and calming the scared little kindergarten students and their parents on the first day of school that are now in middle school. I share an amazing rapport with them and I'm honored to share their tears and successes. I enjoy being accountable to help start their days on a positive note." - Sarah June, Transportation Aide

"I knew Marshall Academy would be my home from the moment I walked in for my interview. Marshall Academy is a small community, I have developed relationships with staff, parents, and of course students from kindergarten through the graduating classes. If I ever need anything, I can ask any of my coworkers and every one would do their best to help! I am glad I joined this team!" - Lacey Ferro, 3rd Grade Teacher