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Amid a battle with leukemia, our high school math teacher, Elisabeth Simich, received support from the community to ensure her safety and health.

Simich said she was grateful for the overwhelming support she received from Marshall Academy staff, students and their families.

“Whether they are in-person or not, I’m going to be working remote with the school," Simich said. "Luckily, they are being so supportive with working with me and letting me teach online even if we are face-to-face.”

Simich went in for a routine physical in September. A few months later, she left with a leukemia diagnosis.

“My blood counts came back all sorts of weird," Simich said. "I was immunocompromised, my white blood counts were extremely low...After about three months, they finally gave me leukemia diagnosis."

The news came right before the holidays. As of Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020, Simich had been in the hospital since Friday, Dec. 4.