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Marshall Academy Public School - Marshall Michigan

Marshall Academy
Registration / Enrollment

Marshall Academy is a nonprofit, no-tuition, Michigan public school academy (charter school). Please stop by the Academy at 18203 Homer Road or contact the Academy's office by phone at: (269) 781-6330 if you are interested in seeking enrollment or information about the Academy.

Marshall Academy Admissions Policy

  1. Will not discriminate on the basis of intellectual or athletic abilities.
  2. Will not discriminate on the basis of measures of achievement or aptitude.
  3. Will not discriminate on the basis of status as a handicapped person or any other basis that would be illegal for an existing school district.
  4. Shall provide for the education of its pupils without discrimination as to religion, creed, race, sex, color or national origin. Marshall Academy shall comply with all state and federal civil rights laws.
  5. Will not charge tuition (but may charge fees in the same manner as existing public schools).
  6. Will not enroll any student who is not a resident of this state, except a foreign student who is not a United States citizen.
  7. Shall comply with all state and federal laws applicable to public schools concerning church-state issues.

Notice of Enrollment Period

Marshall Academy is an equal opportunity educational institution. It is committed to good faith affirmative efforts to seek out, create, and serve a diverse student body. Achieving the goal of student diversity requires an extensive public information program directed at parents and in all communities throughout Calhoun County.

Application Process

Marshall Academy will be available to all students on a space available basis. Application by or for students shall be voluntary and in writing. If any grade has more applicants than available space, all new students for that grade will be selected using a random selection method. This statistically valid process will help ensure that the diversity inherent in the applicant pool is reflected in those offered admission. Priority will be permitted for siblings of students already chosen for enrollment.

After the conclusion of the open enrollment period, if more applicants exist than spaces, a random selection process again will be used to determine the remaining students' position on a waiting list. All applicants after conclusion of the open enrollment period will be enrolled or placed on the waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by the order in which they apply.

Enrollment Checklist

Completed Application   [PDF]
Completed Health Appraisal - Kindergarten only   [PDF]
Signed Records Release Form   [PDF]
Copy of Certified Birth Certificate
Copy of Immunization Record
Proof of Michigan Residency - copy of parent driver's license or utility bill
Copy of current transcript for students enrolling in 9th-12th grades
You will also find any needed form at the top left of this page.

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